Multimedia for the fair

We will prepare images for the needs of the exhibition stand. High-resolution photos and videos can be displayed both vertically and horizontally on TVs or large screens. Videos presenting the company, a given product, a family of products.

Multimedia on LCD screens

Effective films presenting and promoting products, showing the company’s history, development.

Photography at the Fair

We will take photos from the fair days showing the company and its surroundings, its assortment and the fair stand.

Interviews during the fair

We will shoot interviews with key people presenting the company and the solutions that the company introduces for clients.

Videos, interviews

Already during the fair days, we can post the first information, videos, photos on company social media.

our films

Multimedia support for the fair

It includes preparations for the fair, video and photo media service during the fair days, as well as editing and preparation of materials after the fair.

Additional items during the fair

We will prepare a website for the duration of the fair
Streaming from the day of the fair. Live coverage, interviews, product demonstrations
Editing of trade fair materials and preparation for social media